“Having Lissa come to help you prepare for a move is fabulous. But if you really want to see organization and space maximization at its finest, have her manage your move. This past October, I decided that I would do a self-move from Worcester to Auburn. A week before my move, I screwed up my knee badly and lost so much time, and could barely go up and downstairs. Lissa came to my rescue. Not only did she do an amazing job of organizing me as I was packing, but on the day of the move, she was a dynamo.

Every square inch of the truck was maximized. Every box that needed to go got on that truck and then some. The men who carried the heavy stuff were in awe of her ability to figure out what had to go in first and where to put everything to ensure that no damage took place. She saved me so much money in terms of hours that I was paying for the truck and labor that it more than covered her.

I had also had her to my new place and do an assessment of what furniture I could take and where it would go. I was going from 900 square feet down to around 700 square feet. And she was absolutely right about placement for flow and usage. I’ve been in the place now for a little more than a month and the plan she provided has been perfect. My new little house is my sanctuary and a lot of the credit goes to Lissa.” – e.l.